SBIR Requires Unique Legal Skills and Experience

Clients involved in the Small Business Innovation Research Act have special problems and challenges that many lawyers cannot hand. The SBIR has unique provisions and requirements that different from other areas of Federal procurement. The SBIR is governed by policy directive and agency memorandums that may be different from normal Federal acquisition regulations. This is especially true when dealing with firm size issues and eligibility issues. The area of commercialization, data rights and Phase III is very specialized with regulations, policy directives and memorandums that are not generally known to even most Federal procurement lawyers. These problems are compounded when dealing with False Claims Act allegations involving the SBIR.

This website will focus on information, speeches and articles focusing on legal matters involving the SBIR.

Jere Glover is uniquely qualified to represent SBIR firms. He has experience as a CEO of two technology firms, as a Congressional Staffer developing the SBIR law, as an association executive involved in SBIR interaction with Federal agencies and as a lawyer representing SBIR firms. He is one of the founders of the SBIR program. He was the Congressional staffer to hearings that led up to the passage of the SBIR Act. In 1982 he was the leadoff witness in the hearings that lead up to the passage of the SBIR program. Jere routinely is a speaker at National SBIR Conferences. He has testified before Congress on SBIR ten times and has worked for and with both Houses of Congress on the drafting of the law and every reauthorization. As Executive Director of the Small Business Technology Council, he has worked with SBA and the Federal agencies on their SBIR directives and policies. Jere was SBIR Person of the Year in 2006.

Jere regularly counsels SBIR firms on the program. He has defended SBIR publicly traded firms to prove that they were still eligible to participate in the SBIR program. While he is usually successful in representing clients without going to litigation, he has successfully defended firms that were charged with violating the False Claims Act 31 U.S.C. 3729 et. Seq in both civil and criminal matters. In fact he has been involved in more SBIR False Claims Act than any other lawyer. Jere also represents firms in SBA size and eligibility matters involving the SBIR Program. . He has also helped publicly traded companies that have acquired SBIR companies assert SBIR data rights and eligibility for SBIR Phase III awards.

Jere's experience in the private sector helps him understand SBIR firm's problems and concerns. He previously was the CEO or principal of a biotech company, a medical technology company and a group of medical clinics. He is director of another medical technology company and counsel to a variety of SBIR and technology companies. Jere also spent many years in government service, most of it focused on minimizing the regulatory burden on business. For more than six years, he was the federal government's lead defender of small businesses in the regulatory process. In that capacity, he systematically analyzed hundreds of regulatory actions by federal agencies, identifying flaws and shortcomings in many of those actions and helping the affected businesses seek relief.

Jere is an attorney assisting small businesses on SBA, SBIR and False Claims Act related issues. Jere can be reached at